BMW FRM3 FRM3R Footwell Module Repair same day

FRM3 module can fail for numerous reasons.

Most commonly when voltage is too low or there is a sudden drop of voltage (flat battery, jump-starting disconnecting the battery, etc.).

The reason behind it is that FRM3 module software becomes corrupted and stops working.



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You are buying a repair and recovery service for an FRM3 BMW footwell module.

The most common:

Stuck in Emergency Mode
License plate lights remain off
Dash board buttons lights remain off
Lights go on and off
Windows will not go up or down
Malfunctioning mirrors
Headlights won’t turn off
The FRM module does not respond any more to diagnosis / The communication with an OBD2 scanner is no longer possible
Undervoltage/overvoltage damage (eg disconnecting the battery): lights seem out of control
Other malfunctions of the lighting mechanism
If your FRM is beyond repair due to hardware fault we can clone or program a used unit to work on your BMW or MINI

We repair your FRM 3 module software and recover it to previous working condition.

No coding needed just plug your module back and you are good to go.

FRM 3 module is found in these models:


BMW 1 E87 (01/2006— 06/2011)

BMW 3 E90 (02/2004— 09/2008)

BMW 3 E90 (07/2007— 02/2012)

BMW 3 E91 (02/2004— 08/2008)

BMW 3'E91(07/2007 — 05/2012)

BMW 3 E92 (05/2005— 02/2010)

BMW 3 E92 (11/2008 — 06/2013)

BMW 3 E93 (09/2005— 02/2010)

BMW 3 E93 (11/2008 — 10/2013)

BMW X1 E84 (09/2008— 12/2015)

BMW Z4 E89(01/2008 — 08/2016)

Mini (R55, R56, R57, R58, R59, R60, R61)

To repair we need to have come whit your car our address or we can come to your adress for extra fee.Or you can send by post your module .

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